We are a small impact investment company focusing on early-stage impact startups within sustainability, health and sportstech. This means that our startups have the potential of having a profound positive impact on the world. We invest in not only the world’s best startups but also the best startups for the world. 

We aim to multiply the positive impact that we can have by inspiring other capital providers to focus on impact startups. 

The company was created in 2018 as the founders saw an opportunity connected to their mutual interest in impact as there is a lack of capital and knowledge in the pre-seed and seed stage for sustainability focused startups

Pontus Gustafsson

Passionate about sustainability, sports and entrepreneurship. Has a preference for digital consumer products.

Co-founder of Beleco – Furniture rental platform and Savely – Savings and educational apps for teenagers. Has been working as Venture Advisor at Qalora Capital and Business Developer at Rocket Internet and CFO at Woshapp and Skillbreak. Board Member at Enskede IK.

Brings startup and capital raising experience to +Cap.

Mattias Weinhandl

Mattias has a big interest in personal development and health related issues. Loves to spend time with his family.

He is a NHL pro turned investor. One of Sweden’s most active and successful business angels with previous (global) exits. He has been an active entreprenuer and investor since 2010. 

Adds investor experience to the team.


We are looking for a new partner to join our journey!

Do you have previous VC experience and a passion for startups and sustainability? Reach out to info@pluscap.se.


We have no outside funding and is thus not a VC. The capital is private meaning that we have a longer horizon than a VC and therefore offer “patient capital”

Every investment is unique and so is its process. In an ideal case we meet the entrepreneur early in their journey and are able to follow them for a while and find out if we are a good fit before deciding about the investment.

We require a pitch deck and have at least two meetings with follow-up questions before deciding about the investment.

We always looking for partners with similar values that can offer our companies useful services.

We also co-invest so if you are interested in investing in early-stage impact startup let us know.

Furthermore, we are constantly on the lookout for new companies so please send any suggestion you might have.

We currently have no openings but will in the future be looking for analyst interns so if you are passionate about sustainability and startups please send us your CV.

Transparency and honesty, Learning and developing, Openness and receptivness and World improving.

First and foremost, the venture needs to have an impact potential. Secondly, the team is crucial – passionate, skilled and humble founders. The market is also important, being attractive enough for the company to be able to succeed. Another important aspect is the impact our investment will have. Ideally, we have competences and a network that will help the entrepreneurs greatly.

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