Backing the world’s most promising high-impact startups – Introducing +Cap

Why would an entrepreneur, an NHL-pro turned investor and an ex-philosopher start an investment company? In short, a shared mission: we want to find and back the world’s most promising high-impact startups. In this post, we’ll tell you briefly what +Cap is all about, who we, the founders, are and what we’ll do going forward.

We’re looking to make the world a better place by backing the world’s most promising high-impact startups. We’ll pioneer a growing movement of other investors and entrepreneurs who are excited about companies that have a big impact. Companies where the better their business does, the more they improve the world.

Being inspired by effective altruism – the movement of people looking to figure out how to improve the world as much as possible and then acting on those conclusions – we recognise that finding high-impact startups is hard. Charities differ tremendously in how much they improve the world and startups differ an incredible amount in terms of their business success. So there’s little reason to expect anything different when it comes to impact startups. Therefore, we – along with the rest of the industry – have a lot to learn about how to identify the companies that are likely to have a big impact.

Let’s get a bit more concrete. We’re planning on investing in early-stage startups. That’s where we think our current edge is. The companies should tackle an important problem, have a credible solution that makes sense financially and have the ability to execute. In terms of the impact we’re looking for the companies to have, we take a broad view. There are loads of problems in the world, and we’re open to companies tackling a wide range of them. However, we do think that companies tackling certain kinds of problems have greater potential to have a large impact. But we’ll tell you more about our thinking here later.

Meet the founders

We think our diverse backgrounds and perspectives (in terms of competencies and professional experience) will be our strength. Mattias Weinhandl is an NHL-pro turned investor. He’s one of Sweden’s most active and successful business angels, having invested in e.g. Linkura and BlueCall. With his previous global exits, he’ll add crucial investor experience to the team.

Pontus Gustafsson is our scrappy entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability. He co-founded Beleco, a furniture rental platform and is currently working on Savely, a savings and educational platform for kids. He brings capital raising experience and hands-on experience from the startup trenches.

Markus Anderljung is our in-house impact assessor. He’s interested in how to improve the world as much as possible and in what companies actually do the most to make the world a better place. He has a background doing Philosophy at Cambridge University, working as a Management Consultant and currently spends the majority of his time as the Executive Director of Effective Altruism Sweden.

What’s ahead

Going forward, our main focus will be finding and investing in promising high-impact startups. We’ve already made a few investments that we’re excited to tell you about and are looking to make more. If you’re an early stage company that you think fits our profile, let us know!

We’re also planning on backing our investment with more than capital. We want to help our companies do better, be it through board seats, connecting them to our partners and networks or getting our own hands dirty.

Alongside this, we’re also looking to share our insights: sharing what we learn about impact investing and letting you know what we’re up to. We’re looking to be a lot more transparent than your average investor. Why so? Simply because we’re trying to make the world a better place. And that’s not a competition. It’s a team effort. If we find the secret recipe to investing in high-impact startups, we want you to steal it. That way we can make the world a better place together.

Oh, and what about the name? Well, we don’t just care about capital. We’re looking to add capital to have an impact in the world. In short, +Cap.

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